The Lounge

An artistic place for artistic people. A place for all.

If you’re reaching the end of the week and you just want a place to lounge back and relax while listening to some talented artists, then come tune in to The Lounge. The Lounge is a place where you can come in, order drinks or food and just kick back. You can sing-along, participate or socialize; meet other people with the same interest. Either way, we are a group of Christian artists that love to give back what God has given us so gracefully.


I'm a pen and pad kind of guy. I knew I was going to be an artist when I first experienced the power of creating. I loved cartoons, comics, and video games but to create my own was a special venture of discovery like no other. Everything was sacred, even my mistakes and unfinished drawings. I kept them all. Fire hazard in my mother's eyes but it helped my development as an artist and she supported it.

At first, I tried extra hard to make sure my vision was completely different from anything on the planet. This not only made my work unique but very personal and esoteric. So much so spectators would ask me "what are you drawing?" and my reply would be "I don't know." I didn't. I'd try to figure it out by the time I reached a resting point. By then it felt tainted or guided by the question since originally there was no direction, just a pencil and paper. This lead me to start thinking about what I would draw beforehand so I would be prepared to answer.

I handle all of the promotional and advertising for The Lounge and I also participate as a host and perform as a spoken-word poet.