A Poet's Grocery List

I want my soul as bulletproof as the roof of a sharpshooter  

I want a bulletproof parachute

A pair of loose nooses to slither through at my execution 

Celebratory cigar lung pollution with an optional filter

Six thousand thread counts of Silk sheets to shield me from the enemy of heat

To find the words that can remedy defeat 

To have the heart to use them

To have the clarity to receive them and pray that I never lose them

To lose gracefully

A pair of ASICS trainers when my mind races 

A structure that builds weight so you'll never have to wait for me

To be early for tomorrow and late to my funeral 

To never have a "nothing" as a future goal

To grow while I'm dying

To paratroop

Go skydiving

Visit Mars before they gentrify it

Die knowing I never died

To know YHWH better

To love better

To live not just exist

To remember

To forget

Everything meaningless  


On this poet's grocery list