A Poet's Grocery List

I want my soul as bulletproof as the roof of a sharpshooter  

I want a bulletproof parachute

A pair of loose nooses to slither through at my execution 

Celebratory cigar lung pollution with an optional filter

Six thousand thread counts of Silk sheets to shield me from the enemy of heat

To find the words that can remedy defeat 

To have the heart to use them

To have the clarity to receive them and pray that I never lose them

To lose gracefully

A pair of ASICS trainers when my mind races 

A structure that builds weight so you'll never have to wait for me

To be early for tomorrow and late to my funeral 

To never have a "nothing" as a future goal

To grow while I'm dying

To paratroop

Go skydiving

Visit Mars before they gentrify it

Die knowing I never died

To know YHWH better

To love better

To live not just exist

To remember

To forget

Everything meaningless  


On this poet's grocery list


News of Art 001: When a Fire Starts to Burn

Starting Listen: Disclosure - When a Fire Starts to Burn


We made it through the half-way month and we looking optimistically at these next 5 months. I'm getting my websites together and will have specific motives for each.

On this site, you will see everything new in the art world and any tidbits of useful information that I can gather around the internet. For starters, I can across this nifty info-graph with some hints on the best when-and-where times to schedule your next flights around the world.

I'm back in the North Dallas area so last month I decided to finally get to know the artist behind the art around the area. My first stop was the Grand Theater in Lewisville, TX where the city's art gallery can be found featuring some the month's best artist around town. My tour guide was nice enough to explain some of the pieces to me and invite me to join as a volunteer. 

After becoming a member of AIGA, I went to the social in Dallas to hear Bob Denard drop a few gems about his long time career in the design industry having worked for the Richards Group and starting his own successful design firm. I took some notes and passed on the complementary alcohol that was being served but Dick Patrick Studios was pretty swanky venue to host the social so I'll definitely be back for a bite. The tap won't be lucky then.

Last month, I finally got my hands on the new Little Dragon album. The production is a quantum leap from their past efforts but still had remnants of whatever it is that makes Little Dragon the awesome band they are. The same day I purchased Mali Music's new project which is all around great. It's one of those albums where one of the worst things you can say about it is that it seems too short. In most cases that's what makes album perfect. My favorites are "Johnnie & Donna" and "Royalty". Check 'em out.

Mali left his Gospel roots to bring it to a bigger crowd.

Also, musically, I have a few projects in the works with long time producer and friend Chyll W!LL. Prepare for many #deadlift references in the near future (you'll see what I mean soon). I'll be handling the campaigning for that project as well as the marketing for rap artist Tony Duxx's next two projects, "Duxx Sauce" and "Duxx Seazun 4eva." Look him up on Soundcloud and let him know you like the artwork for song!

I promise the next post will be slightly more organized. I'm super stoked about everything happening this year and I'll be sure to keep you posted.

One love,

Van Gammon

Ending Listen: Saint Heron - Solange - Cash In